Restore :: Michael Kors

I had last written about my bag 2 years back. While I had made the purchase I was very clear that I did not want an everyday bag that needed a lot of maintaining. I was also looking for material that is durable. The monsoons here wreck havoc on most materials and my bag was... Continue Reading →


Ink Pen Revival

One of the side effects of using the bullet journal is that I don’t look at the screen to organise any more. Before the bullet journal was part of my daily routine I was relying on google calendar , ever-note, any do and so many more apps to organise. All these were absolutely fabulously and... Continue Reading →

Ruffles :: OOTD

Black and white is one of those combinations that I just can’t seem to get away from. I have been seeing the ruffle trend a lot lately and when I found the perfect dress to try out the trend myself the dress turned out to be black and white. OK, yes I did read that... Continue Reading →

Bullet Journal Day :: 08.08.2017

Like most of us I came across the Bullet Journal System through Boho Berry. When I saw it for the first time I was already deep inside the planner community bubble on the internet. A planner system was just what I needed to organise my life and my time. What really resonated with me while... Continue Reading →

Get to know me ?!

Hate is very strong word. I use it very sparingly. However we all know what it feels like when something happens and it makes your stomach churn.I have a few that I see happen every day.... Although it may seem like a very odd topic but I think its a way of you getting to... Continue Reading →

Day to date :: OOTD

It does not happen very often but there are some days when I have had to go from Day to Date in a matter of minutes. I have still not mastered the art of carrying the right things in my make up bag but I had just the right accessories to go from mother on... Continue Reading →

Beach :: OOTD

With Miss Z turning 4 by the end of this month we have started taking more risks with being spontaneous. One of the biggest advantages we have here in Mumbai is the beach and we don't take it for granted. So a few days ago we packed a small picnic and went to the beach...... Continue Reading →

Summer Holidays :: OOTD

Summer Holidays snuck up on us suddenly this year. I literally feel like it was February yesterday and we are already on our way to June. The rains are upon us here in Mumbai and I am trying to enjoy every last bit of sunshine I can find. I have been reaching for all the light... Continue Reading →

First Day of Spring :: OOTD

With spring officially here I have been leaning together lighter weight materials. I have always loved denim but being able to find the perfect midi skirt has been game changing. I have been reaching for this skirt over every other skirt in my wardrobe. I have also realised that this wash in denim can be... Continue Reading →

Indian Luxury :: Forest Essentials

As someone who has oily skin I find it very difficult to find a moisturiser that suits me when the whether changes. We are moving from winter into spring here is Mumbai right now. After trying a few different formulations from the high-street I realised that I would have to deal with the problem in... Continue Reading →

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